Legrom GmbH and the environment


We manufacture injection molded parts from 100% renewable raw materials,
CO2 neutral and 100 % biologically degradable.


Any expansion only makes sense if every new square metre and each investment leads to clear improvements.

This means optimising production processes and, additionally, economic factors through use of new technologies or to protect the environment. We at Legrom are convinced that these are mutually dependent.

This is why we exploit a process which, in terms of its approach, is as simple and logical as its environment is difficult.
We utilise geothermal cooling for our injection molding machines obtained from 95 m deep boreholes and heat our company building with the waste heat and geothermal energy stored there.
This enormous financial outlay only pays off for us after years, but the environment benefits from day one.
Annual carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by more than 40 tonnes, thanks to this technology.

We converted our entire production facility to LED lighting in 2017.
In addition to saving electricity, the light generated by light diodes also creates a pleasant atmosphere, thanks to the use of neutral white illumination of daylight quality which is physiologically beneficial because it enhances concentration and attentiveness.
The annual consumption of electricity has been reduced by approximately 40,000 KWh as a result, with carbon dioxide emissions being lowered by around 20 tonnes.

As an internationally active enterprise, we want to embrace the challenge an increasingly more complex and sensitive environment poses for us. Economic objectives can only be achieved on a sustainable level through careful interaction with our environment. In addition to economic and technical requirements, the environmental compatibility of production and products must be increasingly examined.

As a consequence, environmental protection is part of our environmental policy and a significant task for management in all functions and at all levels.

Recognition of these links and an appreciation of our responsibility for the environment have led us to develop the following guidelines. They are obligatory for all employees and apply to all Legrom GmbH activities.


Environmental guidelines

1. We develop and sell products which impact the environment as little as possible during their manufacture, use and disposal. Raw materials and scarce resources such as energy and water are used sparingly. New products and production processes are examined to ensure improvements in environmental compatibility.

2. We take the initiative when it comes to environmental protection, realising the measures necessary to ensure its implementation.

3. We inform our employees periodically about environmental measures during operation and motivate them to take personal responsibility and behave in an environmentally conscious manner. We promote the environmental knowledge and awareness of our employees through training and instruction measures.

4. The avoidance, reduction and recycling of waste take priority over its correct disposal. We reintroduce recyclable residual materials to the economic cycle. Preventive measures are taken on our own initiative to protect the air, water and soil.

5. We adhere to statutory regulations and official requirements as minimum standards. Moreover, we strive to achieve a greater degree of environmental care and conservation. Where environmental impacts cannot be avoided, we reduce these in as far as possible through use of the best technology available.

Kim Marc Waldmann / Martin Wörner

Kim Marc Waldmann / Martin Wörner

Company Management Of Legrom GmbH About Environmental Guidelines

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