Spare parts for textile machinery – ring spinning




Conveyor belts, gripper and conveyor systemse

Stainless steel conveyor belts from LEGROM are your guarantee of maximum tensile strength values and have specially rounded edges and polished surfaces. Constricted, toleranced straightness protects the belt against lateral wear in the long-term.

LEGROM manufactures gripper and conveyor systems for fully automated yarn tube and cop conveying for the most common ring spinning machinery from firms such as Rieter, Zinser, Marzoli, Murata, Howa, Cognetex, Saco Lowell and Ishikawa.


Spindle brakes / Locking brakes

The twin-shoe brake system with centred clamping of the spindle protects the material. Generously dimensioned brake shoes enable the achievement of short braking times and a long service life. As with most of our spindle brakes, our new easyclick knee brake also permits easy and speedy changing of brake shoes through click and snap connections.


Longlife, the spindle brake from Legrom – the specialist for spindle brakes

Over 10 years functional life according to the Legrom test method

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