LEGROM spare parts for textile machinery




LEGROM GmbH has been a manufacturer of textile machine components for open-end, vortex and ring spinning for decades. Our products are supplied to both OEM´s for original equipment and spindle manufacturers for direct use in spinning mills.

Based on the latest technology, these parts have been installed and proven their value a million times over in daily operations in spinning mills.

Our objective is to develop and produce interesting, innovative and efficient products of the highest quality on a continual basis for the benefit of our customers.

We provide our customers with spare parts for textile machinery, either directly or through our distribution partners. Spinning mills all around the world value the quality and durability of our spare parts.

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Product catalogue

The catalogue containing all spare parts for textile machinery from LEGROM is available here or as a PDF in the download area.


  • The world’s largest range of knee and locking brakes for ring spinning machinery
  • We can realise specific customer requirements at short notice, thanks to our own development and design department (CAD / CAM)
  • All our parts are subjected to strict quality control
  • In-house production of maximum precision stainless steel conveyor belts for ring spinning machinery and reproducibility through computer-controlled machinery

News for spare parts for textile machinery:

Flexible straight flow nozzle OUTLINEFLEX

The flexible straight flow nozzle. Despite the wide range of straight flow nozzles on the market, many users today have problems in finding one with the right profile to suit their grinding tool. To overcome this problem many nozzles are painstakingly soldered...

Safety Jet Nozzle

Particularly low noise development, up to 12db (A) quieter than comparable single-aperture nozzles Lower noise level for enhanced safety in the workplace Low air consumption, energy saving in the workplace Multi-channel round jet nozzle with powerful, accurate air...

SPINDLE BRAKES – New generation for small wharve diameters

ADVANTAGES: Long operating life time Exchangeable brake segments Easy installation