Spare parts for textile machinery – open end




LEGROM provides spare parts for Schlafhorst SE7 to SE12 spin boxes for the piecing carriage and winding head.

Our worm gear wheels are manufactured from high-tech material with excellent strength and lubricating properties. This means they enjoy a long service life and achieve a high degree of process reliability.

High-precision production processes guarantee the highest reflective values for our reflectors.

We also provide our scrapers for the piecing carriage in wear-resistant quality with an extended service life.


  • Our exceptionally high-quality dirt conveying belts are also made in Germany and available in 40mm, 59mm and 115mm widths for SE-7/8, SE-9/10, SE-11/12
  • We have a comprehensive range for the spin box: worm gear wheels, flange bearings, rotor cases, fiber channels, oil containers, oil wicks, cover plates, channel plates, reflectors, condensers, rotor brakes, locking rollers…
  • Our range for the winding head: large drive sleeve, small drive sleeve, Optidrive drive sleeve, toothed wheel, take-up rollers, cots, adapters with accessories…
  • We can provide the following specially for the piecing carriage: scrapers, coupling cones, butterfly valves, drive pulleys for drive rollers, motors…

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