• Particularly low noise development, up to 12db (A) quieter than comparable single-aperture nozzles
  • Lower noise level for enhanced safety in the workplace
  • Low air consumption, energy saving in the workplace
  • Multi-channel round jet nozzle with powerful, accurate air jet


  • Targeted blowing out and off, for example in conjunction with compressed air guns or for industrial use as a process nozzle on pressure machines, automation systems, etc.
  • Also used for fine blowing out tasks (e.g. precision mechanics, mold construction or in the plastics industry).

safety jet nozzle G1/4“ IG, 10 x Ø 1.0 mm (article no. 509-041)
safety jet nozzle G1/4“ IG, 10 x Ø 2.0 mm (article no. 509-045)

Adapter: double nipple G1/4“ AG on M12x1,25 AG (article no. 509-049)
Adapter: double nipple G1/4“ AG on G1/4“ AG (article no. 509-050)