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LEGROM Vario System

The variable flexible hose system

The unmistakeable flexible hose system in its typical green/yellow and black/yellow colour combinations is a byword for efficient use on machinery, production plants and equipment.

From the classic coolant hose / drilling oil hose to the intelligent flexible articulated hose and flexible hose system.

We react with the same flexibility of our flexible hose system to market needs and the requirements of our customers. We have been developing and distributing our superior-quality, versatile system for more than 25 years for sustained use in many sectors and workplaces.

Sharply increasing demands for even higher processing speeds,

surface qualities and longer service lives of processing molds and simultaneously severe cost pressure require the thorough and targeted use of coolant and lubricating fluids for the following applications:


Turning | Drilling | Grinding | Milling | EDM

The LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM® can also be used for problem-free and accurate blowing out of chip material during machining of workpieces and suction extraction of liquids, dust, vapour and smoke. The versatility and numerous combination options of our flexible hose system are also particularly demonstrated when it comes to special production cases. Our development department, mold construction and plastics processing enable us to react with speed and precision to specific customer requirements and implement these.

As a direct manufacturer of the VARIO® system, we can also offer you:

  • Production of special parts
  • Packaging and assembly of special sets to customer specifications
  • Short delivery durations of all standard articles within 24/48 hours
  • Made in Germany

Our aim is to develop the most efficient and cost-effective applications together with our customers.


The LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM® is available in 3 sizes: 1/4” | 1/2” | 3/4”

All sizes can be combined together with adapters. One or more nozzles can be operated simultaneously by adding a junction to a single connection. The flexibility of individual system parts enables free positioning and tight bend radii.

* Maximum pressure depends on a variety of factors, including hose length, nozzle size or bend radius (according to the LEGROM test method)


We guarantee maximum manufacturing quality

You can profit from the versatility and advantages of the LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM®: Whether you are looking for hoses, nozzles, threaded parts or valves, couplings and distributors – you are sure to find the perfect compilation for your application in our range!


First-class plastic

All LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM® components are manufactured from high-quality POM in our own injection molding production facility. This material is distinguished by excellent strength and flexural rigidity, positive spring characteristics and a low creep tendency. LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM® components are non-conductive, making them ideal for EDM machinery.


Maximum continuous service temperature of 80°C and a high degree of chemical resistance

Ideally suitable for lubricants, hydraulic fluids, coolants, fuels, esters, alcohol, ethers and ketones


Position stability

The extremely high strength of articulated joints ensures that the LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM® also remains directionally stable in the event of pressure surges and machine vibration.


Colour selection

Our standard design is available in green/yellow or black/yellow colour combinations.



Pressure resistant in the low pressure range up to 6 bar for liquid and gaseous media, but also up to 15 bar in the high pressure range, thanks to our liner which has a special inner hose.


Quality assurance

We are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and guarantee the high standard of the LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM®.


Rapid mounting and removal

LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM® components can be mounted or removed with ease and the hoses extended or shortened as required with our unique mounting pliers.


The VARIO service

We are happy to advise you. Our service team can find you the optimum compilation of LEGROM VARIO SYSTEM® components for your application.

You can contact our service employees at: +49 (0) 791 / 956688-0

Versatile and equipped with a wealth of advantages

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • High production quality and efficiency
  • Rapid mounting / removal
  • Numerous combination options
  • Acid-resistant design» Also available in V-0 conforming to UL-94 (flame protection)» Maximum flexural strength and position stability
  • High pressure resistance up to 15 bar
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Product catalogue

The catalogue containing the entire LEGROM® VARIO SYSTEM is available here or as a PDF in the download area.