The flexible straight flow nozzle.

Despite the wide range of straight flow nozzles on the market, many users today have problems in finding one with the right profile to suit their grinding tool. To overcome this problem many nozzles are painstakingly soldered together. With OUTLINEFLEX this laborious work is a thing of the past. When opened with the grinding tool the nozzle blank automatically adapts exactly to the contour of the grinding tool!

The flexible straight flow nozzle OUTLINEFLEX with its intelligent parameters optimizes the cooling lubricant system. The nozzle shape that is adapted to the profile of the grinding tool and an opening cross-section that is dimensioned to correspond with the flow volume ensure a close-contoured, evenly discharged cooling lubricant. At the same time, the grinding wheel is optimally cleaned and the heat generation significantly reduced. Further benefits to the user are the high grinding quality and a considerable increase in the cutting capacity. The operator-friendly nozzle blank can be easily and quickly adapted to the machine without damaging the surface of the grinding wheel. Combined with the variable segment hose system VARIO by Legrom or other systems, OUTLINEFLEX meets the needs of virtually every application.

OUTLINEFLEX enables the exact setting of the gap between the grinding wheel and the nozzle blank, so that the flow conditions in the grinding gap, the contact volume flow and the pressure in the grinding gap can be directly influenced. High cooling lubricant volume flows which do not positively influence the cooling effect in the contact zone can be detected and eliminated. The nozzle, which is adapted to suit the contour of the grinding tool, is extremely close to the grinding wheel. As a consequence, the air cushion surrounding the grinding wheel can be almost completely deflected. This considerably reduces the volume of coolant lubricant required, as no turbulence occurs. As only pure cooling lubricant is introduced to the contact surface, the quality of the grinding process is additionaly enhanced as a result. The reduction of the cooling lubricant flow can also be exploited so that machines can be configured with a lower motor/pump capacity, thus making them more energy efficient.

» Available as blank for flexible straight flow nozzle
» Available as flexible straight flow nozzle according to your CAD data
» Higher productivity, lower heat generation, better cleaning of grinding wheel hence longer service life of the grinding wheel
» Lower compressive stress in the surface of the workpiece hence improved structure

OUTLINEFLEX straight flow nozzle adapts to every contour